Award Winning Location Intelligence in the Cloud

SC2-GeoPortal is a location intelligence solution for decision makers. SC2-GeoPortal provides the geographic platform against which you integrate and engage your corporate content.  Web-based, SC2-GeoPortal is deployed quickly, learned in minutes, managed without specialists, and cost effective - easily acquired with departmental budgets.

Our three primary implementations are:

Why SC2-GeoPortal? Consider:

  • Maps are intuitive. They can communicate with clarity and build understanding.
  • Geography can integrate disparate business data - often when no other means are possible.
  • When data are "location-aware" patterns and relationships that words and numbers can't describe become visible.

Leverage the geography in your data. Fully capitalize on your information investment. All without investing in your own geographic data or systems.

With SC2-GeoPortal, clients access their information through:

  • GeoViewer: A map-based search and access tool to visualize data and access business information.
  • DataViewer: A versatile data query and reporting tool with powerful yet easy features and functions.
  • DocumentViewer: A content management system with direct links to GeoViewer and DataViewer.

SC2-GeoPortal is made available through a monthly subscription for each registered user - so there is no large software or technology outlay, and the implementation is quick and grows with your needs.  We can link your business information system(s) to the SC2-GeoPortal service, or we can build applications that leverage SC2-GeoPortal capabilities and meet your specific needs. Each way, you end up more in control of your information resources and better able to do your job.

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SC2 on LinkedInSC2 is "spatial cloud computing".  Read our SC2 White Paper and/or join the Spatial Cloud Computing group on LinkedIn.

The architecture diagram illustrates the concept of spatial cloud computing with SC2-GeoPortal. SC2-GeoPortal is hosted at Peer1 in Toronto - a recognized leader in secure, reliable hosting.

Watch a brief intro video to SC2-GeoPortal.  See some of the awards our clients have won with SC2-GeoPortal.

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About us

Solutions so advanced, they're simple...

SKE is an information solutions company and the team behind the award-winning SC2-GeoPortal cloud computing solution. Since 1994, we have been providing project management, systems design, development, and implementation services and software solutions to governments and large corporate clients.

Our core competency is in helping organizations implement information management solutions that publish, integrate, and enable access to corporate information.

We start by listening. And we respond in a way that makes the most sense to the client - always aware of their timing, budgets, and business needs. Solutions can often leverage SC2-GeoPortal to complement the client's existing IT investment - providing them information integration, publishing and access capabilities quickly and cost effectively.

We believe in building trust and partnerships and in delivering beyond expectations. These have been and will continue to be the basis for our success.

We'd love to hear from you!

SKE is a Vendor of Record in IT and GIS for the Ontario government in Canada.


Clients from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe benefit from our information management services, technical solutions, and rapid implementation capability.

We ensure you get the most from your information resources. Leveraging SC2-GeoPortal is a great way to do that. Its award-winning integration and access technologies and services are providing significant benefits to clients.

SKE core services:

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Liberate Your Information! - it's what we do...

GeoPortals and GeoPortal Technology
Ontario GeoPortal
Municipal GeoPortal
Canada GeoPortal

Business Applications and Hosting
Service Tracking
Virtual Geomatics

SKE products and services make it easy and inexpensive for organizations to integrate, publish, and access information.  Our products provide the geographic platform against which you integrate and engage your corporate content.  They are deployed quickly, learned in minutes, managed without specialists, and cost effective - easily acquired with departmental budgets. 

Our software is used around the world by businesses, governments, and agencies to manage real property assets, deliver programs and services, help mitigate the impact on the environment, improve the livelihood of the community, make better decisions, and much more.

The variety of uses and users is broad and diverse.

Information publishing and access are universal requirements of anyone's business.

Business Applications
Although most of our business application development is done to meet specific client business needs, SKE has developed an Client Service Activity Tracking and Management solution that be be quickly adapted and used by any organization needing to support help desk implementations and track work assignment and requests across multiple departments.

Case studies

Success Stories

Expertise through experience.

  • Infrastructure Ontario: Ontario GeoPortal (Gold Award)
  • Infrastructure Ontario: Customer Portal
  • Infrastructure Ontario: GeoEditor
  • Ministry of Attorney General: Facility Management Information System; A GeoPortal Solution (Gold Award)
  • Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure: Provincial Real Property System: A GeoPortal Solution
  • Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs: Aboriginal Consultation Information System; A GeoPortal Solution (Gold Award)
  • Ministry of Northern Development and Mines: Map Staking Requirements Analysis
  • Land Information Ontario: GeoLocator
  • Ministry of Northern Development and Mines: CLAIMaps II
  • United Nations: Africover
  • United Nations: Integrated Land Management System - Libya
  • United Nations: Post War Rebuilding - Sierra Leone
  • United Nations: Principled Common Programming - Afghanistan

What’s new

Canada GeoPortal a Hit

Our Canada GeoPortal service is being adopted by several groups in the federal government. Since its launch in January we have three main projects:

  • PHAI Collaboration Portal. A collaboration portal for the Port Hope Area Initiative that will enable the private sector contractors to easily interact with the Atomic Energy of Canada and PWGSC teams in support of the nuclear waste clean-up in the Port Hope area in Ontario.
  • Real Property Transformation Group – Customer Portal. A portal and associated facility management system enabling the management of all laboratory facility information across the country and associated with all the departments that have laboratories (such as Environment Canada, NRCan, Health Canada, PHAC, etc.).  This enables staff from each department to securely manage their facilities information (data and documents), while the central agency can roll-up and have an overall view across the country.
  • The Engineering Portal. A portal and associated management system for engineering structures across the county (dams, bridges, etc) managed by PWGSC Engineering.  Having access to the information in a secure, map-based environment is giving them much better understanding of their workload, and capital requirements.

More Awards for Ontario GeoPortal

  • GTEC Gold Award 2011; "Transforming the Business of Government"
  • "Best Public Sector GIS" Gold Award at URISA-OC 2011.

Municipal GeoPortal Product / Services
Building on the success of Ontario GeoPortal and Canada GeoPortal, the Municipal GeoPortal service provides municipalities an easy and immediate way to implement enterprise GIS.

SKE Hosting Infrastructure Ontario's "Ontario GeoPortal" and Related Applications and Data
The multi-award winning Ontario GeoPortal and its numerous business systems and terabytes of spatial data is being hosted by SKE at our SC2-GeoPortal cloud computing facility in partnership with Peer1.  We are thrilled to work with Infrastructure Ontario, whose vision and leadership in GIS and IT are enabling the Ontario Government to more fully leverage its investments in geo-spatial technologies and data.


Partnerships build trust, opportunity, and commitment.

Why have SKE Inc. as your partner?
We bring our unique skills, experience, and our SC2-GeoPortal solution. SKE adds value to a partnership. Grow your business by incorporating SC2 into your solutions / services!

SKE's Partners and Strategic Affiliations
These are the organizations that help make us stronger:

  • 43 north gis 43 North GIS: 43 North GIS's, principal Chris North, is helping bolster our ArcGIS Cloud services. 43 North GIS provides a wide range of GIS consulting services.

  • ESRI: ESRI is the world-leading GIS software developer. SKE Inc. is an ESRI Canada Business Partner.

  • Microsoft: We are a Microsoft development partner focusing on leveraging .NET technologies.

  • Oracle: We are experienced Oracle development partner leveraging Oracle’s premier database management technologies.

  • URISA Ontario Chapter: SKE Inc. is a sustaining member. URISA-OC has more than 500 members from the public, private and educational sectors supporting Ontario's GIS organization.

  • Dynamic Planet: Dynamic Planet works with SKE to implement SC2-GeoPortal services and Dynamic Atlas software solutions in the developing world.

  • ITAC: SKE is a member of ITAC - the voice of the Canadian information and communications technologies (ICT) industry.
  • OpenText: SKE Inc. is a development partner focusing on integrating OpenText content management solutions into our products.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or reseller of GeoPortal services, please contact us.


SKE's Support Commitment

SKE is committed to ensuring our solutions are there supporting you when you need them.

Service Requests: Clients of Ontario GeoPortal, Canada GeoPortal, and Municipal GeoPortal are encouraged to visit the support pages on these web sites for the FAQ, videos, manuals, and the online Client Services Request system for logging and tracking service requests.

Training is available for the GeoPortal applications; and, online demos and one-on-one support sessions can be arranged.

User Community: There are a large and growing group of SC2-GeoPortal, Canada GeoPortal, Municipal GeoPortal, and Ontario GeoPortal users. We can help put you in touch with others with similar usage and interests. Wonder who's doing what and how others are benefiting?

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