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"Cloud Computing"  provides dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources over the Internet. It leverages best of class business solutions provided as a service that users subscribe to. Spatial Cloud Computing adds geographic information systems technology and services to this environment. (See our White Paper).

Spatial Cloud Computing is the platform for many of the services and products we offer; most notably: SC2-GeoPortal.

WHY spatial cloud computing? All the same reasons you'd choose cloud computing, plus...

  • 90% of all business data has a spatial component - a geographic reference - like an address, postal code, or location descriptor. Leveraging the geography inherent in your business data means you'll gain new meaning, and vastly improve data access and integration.
  • Our SC2-GeoPortal platform enables you to leverage that geography and see those benefits - quickly and easily.

Our SC2-GeoPortal platform provides:


  • A completely secure, scalable platform for data publishing, access and integration.
  • GeoPortal capability without the cost of acquiring GIS technology.
  • Business systems integration to add geo-capability to your business information systems.
  • Google mapping and imagery as the base for mapping your business data.
  • Secure hosting of your spatial and business data.
  • Dedicated technical support and maintenance.
  • Customization and enhancements to meet your needs.

More information - see our White Paper; join the Spatial Cloud Computing group on LinkedIn; view the Intro to GeoPortal Video; or contact us.