Ontario GeoPortal

Ontario GeoPortal Infrastructure Ontario - Ontario GeoPortal

Winner of:

  • 2011 GTEC Gold Award - Transforming the Business of Government.
  • 2011 Best Public Sector GIS Gold Award (URISA - OC)
  • 2007 Amethyst Award (with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade)
  • 2007 URISA Innovation Award
  • 2005 Showcase Ontario Merit Award of Excellence
  • 2005 URISA-OC Gold Award for Best GIS
  • 2005 GTEC Week Silver Distinction Award

OntarioInfrastructure Ontario (IO) is providing a suite of services for the Ontario government called "Ontario GeoPortal". SKE is the implementation partner for these services.

With this, IO staff can find assets (buildings, properties, parcels), see what's nearby, and access critical information about them - all through a geographic portal (SC2-GeoPortal) that integrates disparate business data and systems through a map-based interface.

IO added the "G" (geography) to their "IS" (information systems) through a fully integrated geo-information solution.

Business applications can also link to the Ontario GeoPortal to "geo-enable" themselves.  Integrated data security and access management make the solution secure and reliable.

This has meant:

  • IO's distributed corporate business applications can now be geo-enabled.
  • IO has an OGC compliant, vendor-neutral technology solution.
  • IO is better able to share information/data with clients and partners.
  • IO is able to leverage other organizations' data.
  • IO can provide geo-services to the rest of the province - through the Ontario GeoPortal

Ontario GeoPortal offers the following services:

  • Customer GeoPortal - Integrate your data, non-structured content, and business systems with rich content and functionality.
  • Custom Business Systems – Have us map-enable your business system(s), or have us quickly develop and deploy a customized, location aware business system within your GeoPortal.
  • GIS Services and Virtualization – Use our GIS Resource Centre for your spatial data, analysis, map production and presentation needs.  Or have us “virtualize” your GIS environment, increasing your flexibility while decreasing cost.